(UK) ‘What a way to run a damn country’!


Boris has been at it again. The BIG re-shuffle at Number 10 is now complete and a similar number of idiots installed as ministers of this, that and the other as in the last Cabinet. The whole process is farcical with so called 'Ministers' quaking in their boots, eager to find out what their precarious future will be. Well, one thing is for damn sure, the over seventies will not be getting more advice on how to manage a house, keep warm and well fed on £550.00 a month (every 4 weeks). The National Minimum wage is set to be £8.91/Hr x 40 Hr week x 4 Wks per month = £1,425.00 per month. Can someone tell me how all that works then? It's a disgrace Prime Minister ... a real and shameful disgrace!