(USA) The big red button!


There are not many people left alive who can imagine a situation when the big red button was literally minutes away from being pressed. But those of us in the British Armed Forces at the time can. October 25th 1962 was a date firmly engraved in this writers mind; a date when we had to take a look at ourselves in the mirror and hope to God we were all up for the task. Yes, the Cuban Missile Crisis put the Americans on the spot ... as it therefore did for the Brits. Thank God on the 26th Khrushchev had some sort of 'out of body experience'; an experience that prompted him to write his famous letter about a rope, a knot and two men pulling on it. Putin is NOT Khrushchev and Biden certainly is no Kennedy! The man who has his finger on the button in the US right now could be considered well past his prime. However, much more scary is the vengeful finger of scorn hovering over his own personal 'red button' in Moscow; one belonging to a megalomaniac and someone who wrote the book on the communist version of colonialism. Beware people! You may shortly have no need to worry any more about your mortgage ... you simply won't have a house!