(USA) Ghislaine guilty!


So, finally, the procurer of young bodies to feed the insatiable sexual urges of the rich and powerful, who merely by their accumulation of wealth makes them impervious to lawful reckoning ... has been caught and forced to answer for her evil crimes in front of a court of her peers. The daughter of a liar, a fraudster, a spy for Israel, a defaulter to the Bank of England and someone who died pissing in the sea from the back of a boat, will finally be able to enjoy the company of many other sadistic female sexual psychopaths, in a setting where no doubt a lot more 'pissing' will be involved! No doubt the bargaining will start here. If she wants to have any kind of say in how she spends the next twenty or so years of her life, she will have to give up some names and provide some testimony against them. One name in particular hangs on the lips of many and with right wing American judiciary being no fan of royalty, and all the privilege such title brings, no doubt they will be eager to get their hands on the necessary evidence to put another liar and sexual predator behind bars! Watch this space!