(USA) Biden treading a dangerous path … or skilful politician?


Biden has approved sending US troops to Poland and other East European countries in an effort to 'assist' the Ukrainians in their current struggles. Sending in 'a few' and then sending in 'a few' more was how the Vietnam debacle started, so does Biden know something the rest of us don't? Is he a fool being further fooled by others, or a smart politician who knows how to use a scare tactic or two in order to tame the restless Russian bear? The whole situation in Eastern Europe is currently a tinder box only requiring the smallest spark to set off another world war. The big question here is do we see his actions as part of an American philosophy or a NATO philosophy ... or is one simply a label for the other? So what would NATO be without the Americans? Well, really and truly it simply couldn't exist in its current format. Probably great for looking after refugees and similar humanitarian work ... but going to war on a worldwide basis... not a cats chance! So when Putin says he does not want NATO to move any further eastward ... who does he really mean?