(USA) Beware the ides of … Xi!


Whilst we all jabber on about the earth climate crisis and what we might be living like in half a century from now, has anyone given a minute to consider the deliberations of one Xi Jinping? He is building up a military that will be capable of taking on the rest of the world, in a joint effort with Russia, within the next ten years. Between them they have an active military of over 3million men and a reserve of over 3 million more. The USA is running at about a million and dear old UK lucky to be able to scramble together 100 thousand on a good day. We've got jump-jets that don't jump, aircraft carriers that break down every three weeks, an army with only half the equipment needed to survive a first strike from a distant enemy, nuclear submarines with blocked toilets and a navy without enough ships to stop the French stealing our fish. Not much of a contest there then!