(UK) Where will it all end?


A fool for a Prime Minister and a Minister in the Home Office taking everyone, other than herself, for a fool. Consider this to be problem number one! Then feel free to further consider the consequences of the outrageous activities of a load of public school boys, paid from the public purse, manipulating government policy to enhance their multi million pound investment portfolios! When on earth is all this going to end? The UK has many problems to contend with, notwithstanding the mess the NHS is in and frightening revelations of bullying and total mismanagement of people and resources. Many lives have been lost here because of complete managerial incompetence. However, if you talk to the chief executives of these failing institutions, they sit in front of the camera and calmly announce that none of it is their fault and they will continue to claim their ridiculous salaries and pension benefits whilst the rest of the country struggle to pay the next electricity bill. This situation is not sustainable ... but who is going to be brave enough to stop it?