(UK) What happened …?


British TV used to be amongst the very best in the world especially in terms of drama, script writing and technical presentation. What happened? We now see drama's shown over consecutive nights with some posted on catch-up ... and some not; sound that moves up and down the 'Richter' scale with annoying regularity and background noises or effects that make dialogue impossible to de-cipher. Worst of all, it now appears the requirement for script writers, especially the BBC, has changed, limiting age to between eighteen and twenty eight and ensuring they are only capable of writing a script ... without an ending! For a TV channel that can afford to send news reporters, soundmen and camera men out into the pissing rain, several hundred miles away from a nice warm studio, just to prove it's wet outside, this very same TV producer can surely find a script writer who is actually able to write a drama ... with a damn ending!