(UK) VIP Lanes …who has a clue?


Yes, it's time to come clean on what has generally been termed the 'VIP Lanes' or, as others might see it ... the 'Old Boy' network in full working order. In any other country, setting up a privileged route of direct access to government ministers, in order to obtain lucrative government contracts, would be called CORRUPTION! However, this bunch of public school Tories manage the situation by attempting to label such transactions as NORMAL under the guise of 'VIP Lanes' ... whatever that is supposed to mean. It's an absolute disgrace and everyone in the UK should be battering the ears of their local MP until they hurt. It's not acceptable, under any circumstances, for a government to allow nothing but absolute transparency in all dealings resulting in government contracts, using taxpayer's money, to be handed out to individuals who have not participated in a true tendering process. And so the story of this sorry government continues!