(UK) The Dogs are snarling at the gate!


To see this copious, nay corpulent figure at the despatch box today offering parliament, and therefore the whole the nation, a lesson in management philosophy resulting the onset of uncontrolled inflation at levels not seen since the mid seventies (inflation 13% and mortgage interest rates at 16%) and a commitment to support the beginnings of WWIII (the current dangers on the Ukraine borders). To the casual observer, this may now appear a little cartoon-esque. However, some of us, a tad older than he, can remember how the last two wars started. We can also remember the hardships that rampant inflation bestowed on our children during a mind numbingly terrible time followed by another Tory lunatic who decimated our national industrial base to a level from which the country and all who live in it have never recovered. Seventiesplus.com does not follow any particular doctrine except to highlight the illegal activities and outright lies propagated by whoever is in government on the day. We have finally come to the conclusion it's time for the tousle-haired one to move on; we are sure there is a big fat salaried job waiting for him somewhere. If just being a Prime Minister can make Tony Blair a multi millionaire, then Boris surely must be able to look forward to something better than that.