(UK) The BIG question … where will it all end?


So, here we are; several days into the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and even in this media age of instantly provable claims by one side or the other, non-combatants are being killed every day and all right-thinking people remain appalled. The hanging argument right now is should NATO become involved ... and simply by firing one single shot at the Russians embroil the planet in WWIII. There are questions of course. For example, without the Americans, could the rest of NATO ie. the European countries, take on Russia ... and win without a nuclear element? Answer ... NO! That leaves us in yet another situation where we all sit around telling everyone how bad it really all is whilst waiting for the cavalry (the American cavalry of course) to come riding on over the hill! This really is a 'fight or flight' situation for all of us. Boris has his finger hovering over the Brits nuclear button, Biden has his hovering over the US nuclear button and Putin is about to apply some gentle pressure to his! Dear oh dear ... At seventiesplus.com, most of us have had our lives ... but what of our grandchildren?