(UK) ‘Sorry’ … such a difficult word Prime Minister!


A thousand ways to say sorry ... without actually saying ... or being ... SORRY! This is a new literary first for our tousle haired public school boy, someone living on borrowed time as Prime Minister of the British Nation. Even the so called 'red wall' politicians are getting a bit nervous seeing their fat £84,000 a year income fade away until it completely disappears at the next election. You should not have pissed of Dominic Cummings, someone who will ensure that if you manage to survive this one, and the accumulation of ones that went before it, you will probably not survive the next. He is drip feeding the nation with his secrets. He knows how you work Boris ... and that makes him not only an enemy ... but a very dangerous one. Time to throw in the towel Prime Minister ... but who on earth will take your place? Now there's one for Channel Four to investigate!