(UK) Politicians Pay Rise … (Ho …. Ho…. Ho …!)


Yes, who's laughing now then? It feels like the Zoo, except we are on the inside and THEY are on the outside ... laughing at us! On the same day these soulless, self-serving, whingeing politicians have voted to crucify the electorate with more and more taxes, they vote themselves a damn pay rise ... yet again! So, if you can find a way to cuddle up to the chairman of your local political party of choice, and put up for election as a parliamentary candidate, you too could be earning £84,000 a year plus up to three times that amount in all kinds of off-the-wall expenses and benefits. Oh, and don't forget the damn great pension at the end of it all. There are many opportunities that will open up to you if you can wangle your way to becoming an MP in Great Britain today. One outstanding example would be a Knighthood if you can manage to take the country to war, several thousands of miles away ... with not a hope in hell of winning. Think very carefully before you mark that piece of paper with a cross in the voting booth next time!