(UK) Not AGAIN Prime Minister!


Yes, you are right. A good story never dies ... and is this a good one or not? We go back to the ridiculous cost of re-decorating the PM's apartment at No 10 and who actually paid for it. The story moved from accusation, to denial, to enquiry. Now we see an exchange of texts between Boris and a rich donor where the cost of the new decorations is mentioned alongside help and assistance in promoting some festival or other. The PM has 'apologised' but it's as obvious as a birth mark on your face that something dodgy was going on. Will it ever end? Can politicians ever be trusted to walk a straight line and be honest in what they do? The problem is once they become MP's they think that affairs on the side and lobbying for financial reward is acceptable ... and simply goes with the job. Once they become ministers they think they are automatically elevated above the laws they create. Once they become Prime Minister they feel they can comfortably spend their time 'walking on water' and 'pissing on the crowd' who put them there!