(UK) Non-Dom or a Condom?


So who let the cat out of the bag is what the UK Chancellor wants to know? How can it be that a man and his wife who act like millionaires, live like millionaires and pay taxes like millionaires cannot be considered to be ... well ... millionaires! Surely there is nothing wrong with being a millionaire ... the Tory party is full of them. The problem is when the status of 'Non-Dom' becomes a 'Condom', insulating the lucky holder from prying eyes, ambitious tax investigators and unwanted financial pregnancies. It's not Rishi's fault that he and his wife are millionaires (some say Billionaires ... but we'll never know) ... they just got lucky, like they all do. So let's all calm down now and bring the whole thing back into perspective ... who would you rather be on a dinner date with ... Rishi and Akshata or Boris and Carrie? We rest our case m'lord!