(UK) Nice work Boris ….


So ... that's how it works! First you get the 'gang' together in number ten. Then you make a few rules and regulations (when everyone is sober enough of course) ... and then you make sure the rules include shutting everything down that might possibly serve a drink. What a great 'wheeze' Prime Minister. (That'll upset the silly buggers that didn't vote for us last time Priti ...!) But hang on a minute, haven't we forgotten something? Yes, what about disgruntled ex-employees? With a constant drip-feed of facts and a steady rebuttal from number ten consisting of lies and sniggering comment, the tousle haired one was finally forced to have an enquiry ordered by him ... but carried out by a civil servant required to report the results to ...(guess who) ... yes ... to HIM! Now, even that sneaky little trick is getting too hot to handle and the only option left to delay the loyal civil servant from publishing her report is to put Cressida on the case. As she is so busy trying to root out corruption and sexual perversion buried deep inside the Met, she will have little time to spend on questioning MP's with bad memories, and so we should not expect anything from her for a couple of years. By that time, the whole damn thing will be forgotten, dead and buried and we will be in the throes of yet another general election. Excellent work Prime Minister proving yet again that time spent getting pissed up on the playing fields of one or two public schools with your 'chums' as part of a misspent youth was not a waste of time ... after all!