(UK) Looking into the jaws of HELL!


So here we are then, finally looking into the jaws of hell, or to give it another name ... World War Three. Only when there are enough still alive of those who lived through the horrors of the last two and able to describe what they went though will people hesitate. Unfortunately, there are none left from the first conflict and not enough from the second. Now that every politician in Europe wants to have a fight (don't be kidded by the back-and-forth diplomacy ... they are all itching to show off their muscles) it looks as if the dangerous dog Putin might just about be ready to give them one. What a shame. All we have is a disjointed NATO force that would find difficulty in fighting their way out of a wet paper bag! With Britain and it's broken down Navy, along with those damned F35's, part of an Air Force that can't afford to put fuel in them (if they could lay their hands on some of course) we fear if that's the best Europe can offer, they we really do have a problem. But hey-ho ...perhaps that ridiculous cardboard cut-out of a Foreign Secretary (in her we TRUSSt) really can save the world after all. Boris seems to think so ... so that's alright then!