(UK) Is everyone now getting completely fed up?


A quick trip to some selected supermarket stores will give you a clue ... half the customers and a good percentage of staff ... not wearing masks. This is due to the antics of Boris and his crew of fellow public schoolboys and schoolgirls, who somehow regard their birthright to be immunity from anything 'sad' and anything 'bad'. If such smelly brown-stuff looks to be heading their way, they all club together to tell stories that would make Dickens blush and offer only bare-faced defiance to the protests from those few left in the Conservative party with anything resembling a conscience. This is the political age of 'do as I say' and not 'do as I do' and it's wearing a bit thin. It's time for the tousle haired one to leave, get a haircut, retire to some converted barn in the middle of Norfolk ... and write his million pound memoir.