(UK) History Prime Minister … learn from HISTORY!


What is it we learn from history? Well, how WWI and WWII began is worth a quick mention. WWI was started in a country regarded as being located within the Eastern region of Europe when Archduke Franz Ferdinand was shot and killed by a Serbian patriot in Sarajevo. WWII was started when Germany invaded Poland due to a 'false flag' event when the Nazis attacked a German radio tower at Gleiwtz ... and blamed the Pols. Poland was also regarded as being located in the Eastern region of Europe. The first event left 10 Million dead and 21 Million mutilated. The second left many, many more with the actual worldwide figures never confirmed. So unless you believe the ridiculous theory, allegedly floating around the COVID safe playing fields of Eton, that World Wars are inevitable to naturally cull the world's human population, then something should be sounding familiar Prime Minister. WWI and WWII were started in a region recognised as Eastern Europe and if you look at the map very carefully Prime Minister, you will see the Ukraine is also located in a region we now also call Eastern Europe. Is this just a coincidence we ask? Many would say 'proceed with caution' Prime Minister. We at seventiesplus.com would say ... you can do better than that!