(UK) Good grief … what a stitch-up!


We told you didn't we? Yes, the stitch-up of the Century is happening before your very eyes. The Grey (in more shades than fifty) report will not now be published as it was originally written. But how many of us really believed it ever would? With Cressida now doing her 'duty' and stepping in to create what they all think in number 10 is a credible reason not to put themselves under public scrutiny, this government and its leadership is now a dead government. The sooner it goes ... the better. This clown of a Prime Minister and his gang of misfits have had their day. We feel a rumbling in the countryside not helped by a Foreign Secretary taking half a million pound trips to Australia, in private jets, 'just in case' WWIII breaks out in the Ukraine. Does she not know what every ordinary person in this damn country knows ... if WWIII breaks out, and everyone starts throwing ballistic missiles about, then getting 'home' quickly won't be an option; there will be NO HOME to fly back to! Have no fear ... if the Americans don't drag us right into the middle of another war, then stumbling Boris surely will!