(UK) Bound for Albania …what the hell is Boris up to?


What on earth is Boris thinking off? The word is out! Migrants arriving in UK from the channel routes to be sent to Albania for 'processing' ... whatever that means? It looks like miniature Macron is not up to the job therefore the UK is out to do a 'Priti' poor job on its own by exporting the problem elsewhere. So when these downtrodden souls have been 'processed', what do we do with them after that? With over 20,000 crossings this year alone, what kind of limit will Albania be putting on the size of the facility and how will this very strange operation affect the current Albanian application to join the EU? Oh ... by the way ... at £100,000 each, we might well be looking at a cost of a couple of billion a year. So where is the money for that coming from Rishi?