(UK) At last … your Majesty!


So, the family have had a meeting and 'Handy Andy' will no longer be invited round for tea! Yes, it looks as if he has been 'cast into the social wilderness'. He will now have the face the wrath of a certain lady with a 'bit between her teeth' as a non-privileged, ordinary citizen. (Ho ... Ho ... Ho ...!) He will also need to sell an apartment in Switzerland he doesn't own, find out who that clever bugger was who managed to Photoshop him into a photograph that was never taken and cut down on extravagant overseas holidays with Sarah and the grand-kids. Just one tiny word of advice Andy. (We can call you 'Andy' now you're one of us ... can't we?) We all know what happens to Royals who upset the establishment; banishment ... or even worse! 'Handy (in the photo ... or NOT in the photo) Andy' should now be very careful the next time he visits the Pizza Express in Woking. Avoid any routes involving tunnels ... and always take the long way round. Look out for motorcyclists following a little too close ... and especially ones carrying passengers with blacked out head gear and a mobile phone in their hand!