(UK) Another ‘Priti’ fine mess Prime Minister!


Did everyone hear her wrong in Parliament the other day? Are the British public all complete idiots in Ms. Patel's opinion? Did she say 'have set up' or 'preparing to set up'? Many millions watching UK TV will be able to tell you. She said she had 'set up' processing centres and then revised the situation to be more 'in preparation' than functional. The reality is that cameras filmed one of her supposed 'processing centre's' after a morning of hide and seek in order to find it, and it consisted of three people, a couple of camping tables, a box of crisps and some chocolate! No wonder the chief Home Office idiot in attendance did not want to be filmed. Now ... it's time to stop blustering Prime Minister and get down to the job of processing these poor, traumatised, homeless, penniless people and if there is an issue in the damned Home Office ... fire somebody. The buck stops with you ... that, Prime Minister is your job ... that's what you get paid for!