Question: Putin and History: Are they really good bedfellows!


It appears that Mr. Putin is in the process of rewriting history to suit a new Russian elite and those who wish to recount tales of a great Soviet past to eagerly receptive diplomats at the next Turkish Embassy 'do'. They are quite rightly 'fed-up' with mumbling their way through the unfortunate history of the bloody Russian revolution and now want to reclaim their rightful place in the world as a nation of smart, hard working intelligent individuals ... who just need a little more land!

They have no fear in facing the Americans and certainly no fear of facing a British Army; an army  less in size than the dedicated, card carrying army of cooks and cleaners buried deep within the shadowy confines of the Kremlin. So Vladimir, just before you agree to spending yet another long night on the 'vodka' with a few uniformed comrades, remember 1941 to 1945 and the sacrifices made by the allies to make sure your father didn't end up having to learn German! The tally for the lifeline thrown to Russia was 104 allied merchant ships, 19 warships, 829 merchant mariners and 1,944 navy personnel.

As the Russian Premier has made much of his interest in Russian History we hope it also covers the period when 4.5 million Ukrainians fought on the side of the Red Army, whilst only 80.000 souls, sympathetic to Hitler's geographical ambitions, fought as part of the SS Division Galicia. Perhaps Putin is still fighting this particular war ... this war against the 'Nazis'. Whatever is going on in a particularly confused mind, one thing we can all be sure of. In any attempt to use the 'targeted nuclear option' in order to wipe out particular 'targets' in the west, the immediate reaction will be 'wipe out'. We are sure that every time he considers such action, a picture of his offspring, framed in delicately decorated silver, perched only inches away on his desk, will make him think long and hard before saying ... 'Da!'