(GB) You have problems with GP’s Sajid … sort them out!


This story may sound familiar to more than just the over 70's. Arrange by some miracle to see your GP on a Thursday. Report terrible body rash constantly itching with angry red spots. GP thinks it's a viral issue and wants blood test. Unable to arrange blood test 'till Tuesday ... Have blood taken after four attempts by nurse to extract same. Blood results come back but no-one tells you the results. You ring on Friday. Wait half an hour for someone to answer the phone. Ask about bloods. Told they are OK by receptionist unqualified in reading medical lab reports. Ask to see Doctor again to discuss and told 'NO' Try again on Monday'. 'But what about your worsening condition?' you ask. You have been living with this for six weeks and you need an appointment with a Doctor. So you question this non-medically trained person ... what you should do? You are told 'I Don't Know!'