(GB) Can Sajid Javid tell us what a ‘Practitioner’ does?


When we were young Sajid, and the NHS was in its infancy, we knew exactly where we stood when we entered the hallowed halls of what were called simply 'Hospitals'. There were only two kinds of people to worry about. One was called a 'Doctor' and he/she held a hard fought for degree in medicine. The other was called a 'Nurse' and he/she learned their trade through sheer hard work and at the bedside of patients in wards and operating theatres. When they had done their time, they were proudly named a State Registered Nurse and held the respect of the community. Now we have nurses with degrees which appears to have unlocked a whole new cadre in the NHS called 'Practitioners'... and no-one seems to know what a 'Practitioner' really is. Are they a Doctor ... or are they a Nurse?  Can you clear this difficult one up for us please Mr. Javid?