(EU) Who says ‘WHAT’ is sustainable?


There will be 'trouble-at-mill' if the EU Commission pushes the issue of natural gas and nuclear energy to be branded 'sustainable!' However, as expected with the individual members of the EU, and one of the reasons the UK left it, is that none of them can agree anything between them. The practicalities are of course that many who demand immediate moves to using only renewable energy sources have not thought through the consequences such as ... where will all this renewable energy come from? It's gas and nuclear that keep the lights on right now but the 'sackcloth and ashes' agitators with their placards and marches want us to switch it all off NOW! When will we ever be able to do without gas and nuclear if we keep selling electric cars ... that need energising and re-energising on a daily basis. Where will all the future electricity come from if we have to rely on wave machines that only work when the tide comes in and out and windmills that only work ... yes you've guessed it ... when the damn wind is blowing! When are we going to hear some sensible proposals from all the green agitators that will give the world a workable blueprint for the near future? Someone needs to explain it all very carefully because we simply don't get it from what we've heard do far!