(EU) What is Macron playing at?


Who does Macron represent in all these supposed 'talks' with the political mastermind, Putin? Is he speaking just for France, or the EU ... or, dare we say, the Ukrainians ... and the rest of the world. He might be better off at home preparing himself for the inevitable riots in the streets when everything in France doubles in prices. Worrying about elections in May might not be such a good idea as when the riots start, the last thing he might want to be seen as is somehow responsible. Is this perhaps why the UK left the EU with ridiculous talk of European armies and elected Presidents that the whole of Europe would need to 'doff' their cap to? So, if all the 'small but perfectly formed' EU military were to show their colours to the Ruskies ... would they stand a chance of winning? No! So, Mr. Macron ... instead of wasting lots of air miles going back and forth between Paris and Moscow, your time might be better spent travelling between Paris and Washington ... because without the Yanks we are all f****d!