(EU) Russia knocks on back door of EU … maybe!


Do the young stalwarts of Ukraine love their country enough to fight hard for it? What happens if the Russians begin a journey that could end up with them knocking on the door of the eastern borders of the EU? What will the erudite Ursula von de Leyen do then? With belligerent Belarus guarding one flank and the Romanians guarding the other, Putin's troops may easily make their mark, leaving just Poland to keep the back door shut on behalf of an organisation they have little time for. So, will they ... won't they? (No ... not the Ruskies ...the Yanks!) Will Biden's Boys be keen to take on yet another war thousands of miles away from home? There are those who doubt it. Still, one thing is for sure; the tousle haired one, Boris the Brutal, will step up to the plate having already assured Ukraine he is their faithful friend. (Why that seems to be the case ... no one knows!) And with his 82,000 strong full time rugby squad, he will happily take on the Russians with an Army over a million strong ... and a good one at that! Watch this space.