(EU) Pegasus. Why the worry … everybody has it … do they not?


Jaroslaw Kaczynski is the unfortunate chairman of the ruling Polish Law & Justice party. Pegasus is a nasty piece of software developed by the Israelis to allow governments to spy on people through their phones. There seems to be some concern that an EU member ie. Poland, will sink so low ... and what about the European Charter of Human Rights? Has that been binned in favour of Mr Kaczynski being able to listen in on the odd phone call or two? The big question is, why is everyone in Poland so surprised ... every government, everywhere has it ... don't they? We all know the Israelis will sell anything to anybody, so what really is the problem? The problem, like everything in the sleazy world of International politics, is that THEY HAVE BEEN FOUND OUT! Ask the British MI5 what they use to spy on the Nation on a daily basis and see how long it takes them to come up with an answer? They may spell it differently, but the invoice will come from the same address. Think on!