(EU) Macron pushing the EU to castigate Britain!


"Britain has not kept its word on Brexit" miniature Macron told his admiring audiences in Brussels and Strasbourg recently. The EU must find a 'path of trust with Britain' he says as the current President, hoping it will make the Brits knees wobble a bit. He talks a lot about 'good faith' and all that 'good stuff.' We don't know where he has been for the past several hundred years, but does he not know, there has never been any 'good faith' between the Brits and the French. The French and British people are fine examples of a friendly, welcoming society but the politicians ... in both countries ... quite frankly ... are crap! They all need their heads banging together and the only way we can do that dear friends ... is at the ballot box. Every time Macron encourages the hard working French fishermen to blockade a port or disrupt a day's work at sea, the prices of fish and chips goes up ... and for the Brits' that is playing with the very heart of their culture, something that kept them all well fed in the underground shelters in 1940. Think on ... Macron. He who pokes the sleeping Bulldog with a sharp stick may end up with a bite on the arse!