(EU) Macron allegedly calls Boris a ‘clown’ … Ho … Ho … Ho …!


Did he or didn't he, or might he have done ... and there is of course the possibility he had been misheard. Yes! This is the big question. Did Emmanuel call Boris a 'clown' and if so, did he really mean it? The Westminster bubble is consumed by the question and what level of mischief they can all create around the matter. Wouldn't it be so much better if the miniature Frenchman were to be ... 'getting on' with ... 'getting on with the clown' and solving the damn fishing dispute. Whilst he's at it, he could do worse than having a go at sorting out all the other petit French led upset and disruption aimed at the British. We know we are not the finest example of a nation of upstanding, democratic and sympathetic individuals, especially with fifteen pints of lager inside us, but isn't it time to get on with just living?