(EU) France in the driving seat!


January 1st, 2022 is French ascension-day; that is France takes over the Presidency of the EU for a few months. So, miniature Macron sees this as an opportunity to change a few things with the great motto; Recovery, Belonging and Power! But what does it all mean? Well, 'Recovery' might refer to his dignity, something he lost after acting like a spoilt child over the fishing disputes with UK. 'Belonging' could well refer to the problem he has with one or two country leaders not wanting to 'belong' to his personal admirers club, desperately looking to recruit new members. With Mother Merkel no longer able to act as his cheerleader on all the necessary occasions, he needs an injection of a lot more than just goodwill! And finally, we have 'Power'. This is something that all vertically challenged political leaders yearn for, and miniature Macron is certainly no different. However, we do not envisage any change in the current situation ... anytime soon!