(EU) A quick read of Nostradamus may give them a clue!


Whilst the miniature Macron preens himself in preparation for an election scenario similar to the goings-on in 'Les Miserables'; as President of the EU he needs to start getting his ducks in a row. Someone needs to tell him about Putin's plans to invite himself to dinner at the Hilton Paris Opera, that is, of course, if any of the 'duck a'lorange' is left after his front line, battle hardened troops have had a quick run through the kitchens on their way to the Arc de'Triomphe. The short, but perfectly formed, Russian needs to make a name for himself and he has his eyes on Europe. Some of us can perhaps recall the last time one particular megalomaniac had similar ideas ... and if it hadn't have been for the Americans (Ho ... Ho ... Ho ...!) we would all be speaking the same language by now ... with no need for a European Union whatsoever. Time for some leadership or your grand children will all be speaking Russian in ten years time. Remember which direction Nostradamus said the 'great slayer' would come from ... and no ... it wasn't the West!