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Editor Profile: H.W.Grumbell is an experienced writer, author and political commentator. Over the past several decades he has produced an eclectic mix of Novels, Writers Reference Books, Short Stories and Biographies. HWG has also written columns and commented on local and International political issues whilst living in the Middle East and Europe.

Blog Profile: SeventiesPlus.com is a Blog aimed at keeping our politicians honest, bringing the viewpoints of those seventy-plus years young to the fore and highlighting the injustices now being heaped upon a generation everyone seems to want to ignore ... (until election time comes round again of course!)

Firstly, 70's+.com is meant to be entertaining, informative and in certain cases, not taken too seriously. Secondly, it will hopefully act as a wake-up call to some, and a source of encouragement to other autonomous 70+ year olds out there; those who wish to remain within the boundaries of their jealously guarded independence. Finally, we do not fly flags, we do not wave banners ... but we are watching!

If you want to highlight any tenuous issues from your own life story, please send an email via the form below and we will do our best to give the matter an airing ... but no guarantees!

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